Monday, March 16, 2009

CSI In My Backyard

No matter how good the riding weather, never turn a blind eye to yard work. Otherwise… things happen.

Reported missing three years ago, could this be the estranged wife of Ken and beloved friend of Skipper? After her disappearance from her Malibu Penthouse in 2005, investigators were left with few clues and a toy industry that quickly closed ranks.

"The entire thing didn't feel right from the beginning," said a source close to the investigation. "But for her to turn up in a backyard in Central Pennsylvania doesn't surprise me."

"I'm a little unnerved by the entire thing," said Mr. J. Ziegler, who found the body in his backyard while raking leaves. "God knows how long she's been back here. I haven't touched that flowerbed in at least two years. I'm just glad my children were inside when I found her."

The investigation has been reopened and persons of interest are being contacted. "This is a little out of our jurisdiction," says Svorrd Svorrdsen of Legoland Homicide. "We're only built to a 1/92 scale, and those Mattel people… well there really isn't a realistic comparison here. I'm really not sure what they're modeled on. Regardless, we'll do our best. If we have to, we'll bring in the Special Victim's Unit from PlayMobil. They're a little closer in size, and frankly, they're all we have left in the toy box."

When asked whether they have any leads Svorrdsen replied, "We'll want to question Skipper and Ken."

Calls to Skipper’s publicist continue to go unanswered, but a source close to the family reveled that she has recently checked into the Betty Ford clinic. And according to Ken's agent, he will be vacationing in Thailand indefinitely.


Anonymous said...

book 'em, danno -- bam

Erin said...

(LOVE this.)

Joe said...

Oh man! That was excellent! And to think it "happened" right here in Pennsylvania! ;)

irondad said...

I'm sure it will be a "model" investigation.