Sunday, November 8, 2009

Long Shadows

Winter is closing fast.

The leaves are off the trees and from the looks of it, they have taken up residence in my back yard. A fact that I choose to ignore along with the rest of my home maintenance. A near 70-degree day found me out on the road for what could be the last good ride of the fall.

I've been hitting the same roads lately. The back way to my father's house remains one of my favorites. Winding with rolling hills, it's perfect for a lazy ride in the afternoon sun.


Erin said...

You're always more than welcome to keep going 2 miles past the turn, to the small cemetery on the edge of town. If it's a nice day, we'll be waiting for you in the backyard, soaking up the last of the warm rays like large lizards.

Sojourner rides said...

I hope you've not had to put your ride away yet. We've had that schizophrenic weather that keeps us off guard. Just when we think we've ridden the last ride of the season, a "record" weather day coms upon us. Here, people put their bikes up really early. I hardly seen anyone on the roads when the weather is near freezing. Fifty degrees plus, and the bikes are everywhere.