Thursday, December 13, 2007

Passing the Limit

There are things that you notice when you ride. Other bikers drop their left hand when they pass. People ask about the bike at gas stations. The mind opens up on the road. You begin to wonder… is there an age limit for leather pants?

I like the way my leather jacket fits. I like the wind resistance. I like the weight. It just feels right. It’s practical, safe, and sturdy. So, why am I worried about leather pants? Is it a fear of being the guy that roams the highways in leather gear that should be on men half his age (and size)? Probably. What’s the rule here? How far away from your bike are you allowed to go before the racing suit just looks ridiculous—ten feet, twenty feet? Not that I’d go for the racing suit. However, there are things to take into consideration and this is one of them.

Since the weather has gotten colder, my riding time has dropped off considerably. Not from a lack of time or desire, but from a lack of suitable gear. I need pants, and I need them soon. I have squandered the better part of this evening looking at various makes and models of leather and textile (none of which are jumping out at me by the way). They all seem too tight, too disco, too bulky. And in the end, too much trouble.

I think I’ll just go with the heavy weight reinforced jeans with armor in the knees—simple, understated, practical. Let’s face it, there is an age limit here, and I passed it.


B said...

Jonathan ,

I happened on your blog in a round about way, but wanted to let you know you're doing a nice job.

I purchased a 883 Sportster last summer, your comments reflect my thoughts in many of your posts..

Be safe... and hang in there, the snow can't last for more than a few months!


Jonathan Ziegler said...


Thanks for stopping by. I read your piece on Jeff and gave a quick listen to his music. Good stuff.

Looks like the UP is facing some big challenges. This area of Pa went through some heavy strip mining back in the 50's and into the 70's. The roads I travel are bordered by areas that are being slowly reclaimed by nature.

Once the weather breaks, I'll be out there and posting again.


Scott Thigpen said...

Try riding a scooter and wearing a full face helmet and riding jacket. Here in Tallahassee, you see more tshirts, shorts and flip flps on a bike than any protective gear.

Get the pants you need and dont worry about anyone else.

Nice blog, have fun!

Bryce said...

I am considerably older than you, and I have always worn leather on and
off two wheels. If the leather
doesn't do the trick, wear a good
nylon outer suit, water resistent.

As to how you appear in leather, look
at it this way, it's your safety in mind. If you hit terra firma while
moving at speed you'll soon wish you had leather and some padding between
your natural skin and the world beyond. The cow gave up its hide
for you, wear it.