Monday, December 3, 2007

So It Sits

The cold has finally hit. Wind and snow have now dashed any hopes of another ride before the holidays. My bike—along with a dozen other unfinished projects, sits and wait for another warm day.

Winter maintenance looms and I’m not sure where to start. The bike is sound, but there are things that need to be done. Gaskets should be replaced, cables tightened and lubed. And what was that soft feeling in the curves? Could it be the front forks? Time to clean out the garage and make a couple of calls.


Paul said...

Hi Jonathan: The squishy feeling in the corners might be tire pressures. I just put air in the Concours and was like a different bike. Low pressure makes it squirmy. Welcome to the bloggers' world. I saw your intro on Steve W's blog.

Crusty's Advise.... said...

Welcome to the world of motorcycling. Very cool bike!I to am a big fan of back road adventures. I linked over from Steve Williams, Scooter In The Sticks. I look forward to checking out your site from time to time. -Crusty

Bill Sommers said...

Like the rest of the above folks, I was introduced to you by your pal Steve. Now...

Do you really want to put up the old girl for the season, or do you want to try to get out as often as you can, and as deep as you can into the year? There's got to be some good riding left.

Have fun,
Little Billy's Scooter Tales

Orin said...

Nice bike! I love old BMWs... maybe someday the PX will have some company in the parking space.

You're on my blogroll now, so hopefully more folks will find you. I'll be interested to see how this story develops...

Scootin' Old Skool